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Our employees have nearly a decade worth of experience helping our customers find the parts they’re looking for. By taking the time to listen and understand what you’re searching for, we will be able to direct you to the exact vehicle you need. 

Vintage Cars

Our salvage yard specializes in antique and vintage car parts from the 1950s to the 1970s. We have Corvette bodies, parts, transmissions, and more. 


We have built our reputation through dedicated service and are now the area’s leading salvage yard and recycling center. You can count on us to give you top dollar for any vehicle you bring in. 
salvage yard
salvage yard
salvaged auto parts
● Salvage Yard ● Auto Parts ● Vintage Cars ● Recycling Center ● Money for Scrap Metal 

Here at Riley Automotive Recycling Enterprise in Nashville, GA, we don’t believe that everything has just a one-time use. When someone brings us with what they feel is a clunker, we treat that vehicle carefully, knowing it might be stocked with parts that can be used to make your own car run smoothly again. Since nearly a decade ago, our salvage yard has been supplying antique car parts, turning one man’s trash into another man’s transmission.

Since we opened our recycling and salvage yard, we have become Berrien County and the surrounding community’s go-to place for auto body parts, engine parts, transmissions, and more. As a full-service recycling center, we accept tires, scrap metal, farm equipment, ATVs, and wrecked or junk cars. When you bring your vehicle to us, you will always receive top dollar!

Specializing in vintage and antique parts from the 1950s through the 1970s, we have hundreds of makes and models from different years on our lot. Our knowledgeable employees will listen to your auto part and auto body needs and will direct you to the vehicle you are looking for.

You can count on our salvage yard to take that junker off of your hands. Call today to find out if we have the made, model, and year you are looking for on our lot or to schedule a drop-off time for your unwanted vehicle. 

At Riley Automotive Recycling Enterprise, we are committed to earning your trust and continued business by providing affordable antique car parts and paying top dollar for your scrap metal. We want to be your go-to salvage yard in the Nashville, GA, region, whether you’re looking to complete a classic car or repair a piece of farm equipment, we have what you need.

When you have a problem with your older model car or truck, it can be almost impossible to hunt down a part that the manufacturer no longer makes. Striving to meet a need that no one else in the area is able to, we specialize in vintage car parts. From side panels and headlight units to carburetor and transmissions, we have it all. Don’t run around town trying to find the parts you need when you can make a single stop to our salvage yard.

If you have an old clunker taking up space in your driveway and need a little extra cash, call us to schedule a time to drop it off. We will offer you top-dollar on your junkers, scrap metal, and antique cars. This is just one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors.

We are convinced that you will see how we are different the very first time you visit our salvage yard. Give us the chance to earn your business and we won't let you down!

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